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Good Shepherd is a parish where people bring their strengths and their weaknesses, their gifts and their failures, their faith and their fear, their beliefs and their doubts and find a place to belong, to be real and to be transformed, no matter where they are on their personal journey.

Pastoral Care
is a ministry that identifies and responds to the pastoral needs of the parish family through making phone calls, sending notes, visits and providing food for those who are ill or in need of special attention.

New Member Ministry is a ministry to make newcomers feel welcome and to help them find their way into friendship, ministry and leadership circles in the parish community.

Community of Prayer
is a ministry of parish women who are part of a prayer web to build a caring relationship with people in grief, pain or stress. Prayer requests can be email to

Good Shepherd Medical Outreach is a ministry to help improve safety and mobility for those with temporary or long-term disabilities. Contact Tom and Sue Byrd.