Good Shepherd is a community where people find a place to belong and to be a part of a Christian fellowship, no matter where they are on their journey of study, worship and personal commitment to Christ's church. The pastoral care of this church identifies and responds to pastoral needs of the parish family through appropriate communication, telephone calls, notes and letters, visits or providing food for those who are ill or in need of special attention.

New Member Ministry endeavors to make newcomers feel welcome and to help them participate in worship, to help them find their way to friendships and leadership circles in the parish community.

The Community of Prayer is parish women who are part of a prayer web to build a caring relationship with people in grief, pain or stress and in happiness and thanksgiving. Prayer requests are made by calling the church office, 325-646-8791.

Submit a prayer requests online.

Confirmation Classes. This is a series of classes designed to study the Christian faith in the Anglican Episcopal Church. Classes are scheduled as requested and prior to the Bishop's Confirmation Visit. These classes are especially appropriate for those seeking information about becoming a member of The Church of the Good Shepherd and for those desiring a refresher class about the church.

Lenten Suppers. A series of special teachings and services are held during the Lenten Season. These are combined with the Lenten suppers on Wednesdays in the Parish Hall. A variety of topics for study enhance the life of the church community by providing a closer look at the life of Christ Jesus and the Church. The Wednesday evening services begin at 5:15 pm in the sanctuary followed by supper and study in the Parish Hall. Parishioners provide the meal and host the suppers.

Women of the Church meet on the second Tuesday of each month (September through May) for communion, lunch and a brief business meeting. During the summer the WOC meet at local restaurants to stay in touch and visit. The executive board meets on the first Tuesday of each month. The object of this group is to relate the womanhood of The Church of the Good Shepherd to the sole task of the church through a program of worship, study, service, gifts, and fellowship. The fields of service include the parish, the community, the diocese, the nation and the world.